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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Formula 1: New Formula 1 National Page on

[Photo:  Formula 1 flag.  Credit: Internet/Unknown].

The international news and entertainment website,, has just launched a new page for its National edition.  Appearing under the Sports --> Motorsports category, a  new page will now cover Formula 1 motor racing exclusively. 

Guess who the writer is for the new page?  Yours truly.

Consider checking out news stories, TV schedules, race results and driver quotes, and season reviews on this new outlet for F1 information.  We will also look at the historic Formula 1 scene when and where appropriate, as well as take glimpses at Formula 1 history. 

Here is the link for Formula One on

You can subscribe totally for free as well, right at the page where you read an article.  Look for the "Subscribe" link on the page, usually right under my name.

Join me!

[NOTE:  The page is not officially affiliated with Formula 1 (TM) but rather reports on the motor racing series like any other news or sports outlet]. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Formula 1: Thoughts on Mark Webber on the Eve of his Last F1 Race

[Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing-Renault in Formula 1.  Credit:  Unknown.]

After the race is over in Brazil tomorrow, Mark Webber will be done with Formula 1.  In interviews this week leading up to this swansong race, he has indicated that if there were not aspects of the sport that he no longer enjoyed or would be glad to leave behind, he would not be leaving.  That makes sense coming from the teammate of a four-time consecutive World Champion who is 11 years younger than he is.  It can't be easy being Sebastian Vettel's teammate, no matter when you're in that position, much less at a time when the young champion seems to have a growing momentum in the sport, both literally and figuratively, on his side.

I found myself cheering for Webber as the underdog in this two-man Red Bull race against the rest of the field in the last two seasons.  There were scraps between them in some races, but mostly, I think, arguably a Formula 1 racer races against himself.  Certainly, an athlete as well-rounded in sports in general as Webber seems to be, must do that.  He is testing his own physical limits with those of the race car he is contracted to drive.  Who can blame Mr. Webber for wanting to get out of a sport at age 37 before his skills slip below that which he expects of himself.  Many long-term observers say that he could have been a World Champion in Formula 1 in a non-Vettel era.  How many racers could that be said about who came along at the same time as other multi-year champions?  There have to be many of them.  Sometimes having unfortunate, bad luck and timing at a sport you love and are exceptional at performing in must be worse in some ways than having no luck at all to get you there in the first place.

It will probably take time for the impact of all that has happened to him in his Formula 1 career sinks in to form a kind of wisdom from experience in Mark Webber.  He has his Porsche career to explore starting very soon, and that must play itself out.  Other drivers have left F1 and gone back.  That could be an option, too; who knows, in the future?

Good luck, Mr. Webber, as you move forward from Formula 1.   You can start fresh with new opportunities and challenges, and people will be excited to see how your driving skills transfer to endurance racing.

I think Red Bull and Mr. Vettel will miss you more than they may think.  You've been an integral part of that well-organized, unified team that got it to where it is now.  Major changes in drivers and cars coming in 2014 could upset the Red Bull/Vettel momentum, or not.

Either way, at least you won't have to drink that Red Bull energy drink -- or pretend to -- any more. 

They're a fun sponsor for the sport and its fans and obviously one great team in motorsports, but seriously, did you ever really drink that stuff?  <jk> I suspect having the opportunity to drive any Porsche that strikes your fancy on a typical Tuesday night just might be a bit more fun.

Have a good race tomorrow.  And the tomorrows after that.

Take care.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 U.S. Grand Prix: COTA plans fan experiences

[Photo: Fans on the tower at Circuit of the Americas.  Credit:  Connie Ann Kirk.].

To my surprise, the week before the event, I heard from the FIA that I was granted media credentials for the Formula 1 2013 United States Grand Prix.  Having just returned from COTA in October after covering the inaugural SVRA U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship, this came not only as a surprise but more of a logistical dilemma than one might like.  However, preparations were quickly underway so that I could attend at least part of the big weekend in Austin.

Here is an article I wrote based on a press release sent out to media by the track on the Tuesday before the race.  The track is highlighting entertainment that is available to the fans over the weekend.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Will Buxton interviews Mario Andretti & Sebastian Vettel -- Together

[Photo:  Screen capture from "Vettel and Andretti:  One on One" -- Mario Andretti, Sebastian Vettel, and Will Buxton in conversation.  Broadcast on NBCSN 11/3/13.  Credit:  NBCSN].

Delighted to have caught the special on NBCSN before the 2013 Abu Dhabi GP where Will Buxton interviews both Mario Andretti and Sebastian Vettel together in one sitting.  Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner also joins the conversation later on. 

Check out more information about the interview, including a link to see it online, HERE.......